The Lizards

Обложка альбома The Lizards1) The Lizards are a 3 piece punk rock band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. These boys have spent the last 5 years gigging/jamming/partying as much as humanly possible and its starting pay off with the band turning into the tight melodic yet hard and thrashing band they are today. They released their debut album in 2013 and have just released their follow up album Future Life. 2) Personnel: John Garner - vocals Randy Pratt - bass Patrick Klein - guitar Bobby Rondinelli - drums THE LIZARDS dispense a classic form of bluesy rock in the tradition of Zeppelin, Rainbow, and Purple, and do so quite convincingly, creating a collection of classic songs that can be played over and over again, each time picking up something new one hasn’t heard the previous time before. THE LIZARDS aren’t the kind of old-man retro band, which bores the shit out of you. Not that kind, that have missed thirty years of Rock history. It’s obvious to hear, that these musicians have transported the vibe into the current century. Grande Rock E-Zine - February 2004 To cut it short,The Lizards Rule is an excellent pure '70s hard rock album and the 'old' fans of this music should not miss this one.
  • Трек: Money
  • Исполнитель (артист): The Flying Lizards
  • Длительность 2:31
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "The Flying Lizards - Money"

  • 4:03
    The Flying LizardsTV
  • 2:31
    The Flying LizardsMoney (Edit)
  • 3:24
    Karen Abrahams With The Austin Lounge LizardsWhite Rabbit
  • 3:33
    The Flying LizardsSummertime Blues
  • 2:48
    Lounge LizardsThe Girl from Ipanema
  • 5:44
    The Lounge LizardsShe's the One (feat. Mike City) [Instrumental]
  • 4:31
    Lounge LizardsWhen The Rain Begins To Fall
  • 3:51
    Lounge LizardsThe Melody Plays
  • 4:00
    The Flying LizardsTV
  • 3:59
    Lounge LizardsThe Nearness of You
  • 4:08
    The Flying LizardsMoney B
  • 3:44
    Lounge LizardsI'm Beginning to See the Light
  • 4:42
    The Flying LizardsHer Story
  • 5:34
    The Flying LizardsThe Window
  • 4:00
    The Lizards' ConventionTime to See the Flowers
  • 5:44
    The Lounge LizardsShe's the One (feat. Mike City) [Beat]
  • 3:58
    The Lizards' ConventionLa Di Da
  • 2:45
    The Lizards' ConventionLove Nut
  • 5:34
    The LizardsThe Opal Crest of Zed (Live At Sweden Rock Festival)
  • 3:03
    Austin Lounge LizardsHighway Cafe of the Damned
  • 2:58
    Eugene + The LizardsMeet Me At The Skyline Plaza
  • 10:21
    PhishThe Lizards
  • 2:28
    Detroit 95 Project, Supersonic LizardsThe Dead Walk (Beats DJ Tool Mix)
  • 3:58
    The Lizards' ConventionIf Cows Grew On Trees
  • 2:46
    The Flying LizardsTrouble
  • 3:54
    The Lizards' ConventionPleasant Song
  • 10:05
    PhishThe Lizards (Live)
  • 5:11
    The Flying LizardsThe Flood
  • 2:48
    The Lizards' ConventionII - I
  • 7:44
    Funky Green LizardsIn the Heat of the Night
  • 3:04
    The Lizards' ConventionI Gotta Know
  • 3:04
    Eugene + The LizardsMaypole
  • 4:12
    The Lizards' ConventionRock the Boat
  • 3:29
    The Flying LizardsEvents During The Flood
  • 5:38
    The Flying LizardsMoney
  • 9:35
    PhishThe Lizards
  • 4:05
    The Lizards' ConventionThe Goat That Haunted Me
  • 3:28
    Lounge LizardsHere's the Rainy Day
  • 2:03
    The Lizards' ConventionGribbit the Frog
  • 3:38
    The Boo RadleysSpanish Lizards
  • 3:35
    Supersonic Lizards, Vullet RouxThe March (Club Mix)
  • 2:40
    The Flying LizardsAll Guitars
  • 0:48
    The Lizards' ConventionSticky and the Humans
  • 4:04
    Eugene + The LizardsGrogshop
  • 6:37
    The Flying LizardsRussia
  • 3:51
    Detroit 95 Project, Supersonic LizardsThe Dead Walk (Dub Mix)
  • 3:21
    The Lizards' ConventionWooden Heart
  • 10:30
    PhishThe Lizards